Beagle temperament – lovable & smart, quite possibly a perfect match

Beagle TemperamentTo have the best Beagle, it is important that you understand the Beagle temperament. Beagles which are very popular

with dog owners the world over are a very loyal and inquisitive breed.

Hunter by Nature

Your Beagle was originally bred to be a hunter and can sometimes display behaviors that are uncommon among other dog breeds. In order to make things easy for yourself, it is important that you understand your Beagle, its nature and why it behaves the way it does.

Maybe Close to Perfect, But Not Quite – Training Is Still Required

As lovable as your Beagle might be, no dog (or human) is perfect! There will be the occasional if not consistent behavioral problems. But don’t despair- all the negative Beagle temperament traits you see from day to day are correctable with proper Beagle training.

If you have a hard time training your dog, or don’t think you are up to the task then get a professional trainer. However, to get the best out of the Beagle, you will want to get involved in the training… some focused time and little patience is all it takes.

Watch Funny Video of A Beagle Howling

Who’s the Boss?

To deal with the Beagle temperaments, you must first show the dog that you are the boss. Your Beagle as all dogs expects there to be a pack leader, and that needs to be you.

Whenever possible show your dog that you are in charge and in command.

Simple acts such as allowing him to sleep in your bed can set a bad precedence. If you want him to spend the night in your room, it is advisable that you get him a dog-bed. This should be lower than yours.

Here are some Beagle temperament and behaviors you might encounter in your dog and how to address them.

Stopping Beagle Barking

The other Beagle temperament that you should learn to deal with is their barking. If you wish to stop Beagle barking, you should first find out why the dog is barking in the first place.

Beagle barking is a form of communication so you should find out what the dog is telling you. Beagles have a lot of energy, and they sometimes bark when they are keen to get outdoors.

Never act negatively to stop your Beagle barking but you must let him know when the behavior is unacceptable or inappropriate.

You should also never throw objects at the dog to stop the barking.

Though you might be used to your dog’s barking, you should remember that it might be irritating to your neighbor which is why you should minimize it. It is advisable for you to train the dog to only bark when there is danger.

Aggressive Beagle Temperament

Despite the cute and cuddly looks of these lovable animals, Beagles can sometimes be aggressive. Beagles are not known for their aggression but none the less you should learn how to deal with aggression just in case.

In general:

  • You should never act aggressively towards your dog.
  • Shouting at him is also a “NO” because you will only aggravate the aggression.
  • Neutering your Beagle might help alleviate some of the aggression by reducing the level of testosterone, which is a hormone that fuels aggressive behavior in dogs.

If the aggression is excessive, you can consult a vet to find out if your dog has any medical ailments and what to do about it . You can also seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer or training resource.

Dealing with Bored or destructive Beagle temperament

Beagle TemperamentAnother very common Beagle personality is that they crave companionship and can become stressed and anxious if left alone for too long.

As a side note learn about dog separation anxiety so you do not confuse the symptoms with plain old boredom.

Negative Effects of Boredom

They also tend to be destructive when bored. They will become mischievous, chewing your favorite belongings, and digging where they shouldn’t like in your garden.

Exercise to the Rescue

To deal with such issues, it is important that you keep your canine friend preoccupied as much as possible. Exercise can help with dog behavior problems, and Beagles love to exercise and play.

Playtime – Kids and Toys

To keep them happy, you can go for long walks together as often as you can. Here are Here are 10 Other Reasons to Exercise you Beagle daily.

Play time can also help wear him out and save him from boredom. Beagles love to play with kids, but this should only take place when you are in close proximity. Dog toys can also help keep your Beagle busy.

A Final Word

Beagles are lovable, loyal and intelligent, and you should use this in your favor when dealing with Beagle temperament. To train this faithful friend, will require some effort, time and patience, but the rewards are more than worth it.

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