If you ignore the bichon frise temperament, you’ll hate yourself later

Bichon Frise Temperament

If you wish to own a Bichon, you should thoroughly research on Bichon Frise temperaments and behavior to help you decide whether they are compatible with the various personalities in your house. Though the Bichon Frise is adorable, you should remember that their appearance does in no way pertain to compatibility.

The Bichon Frise is one of the dogs that have several wonderful qualities. It is affectionate, sensitive and gentle. What other qualities can you ask for in a canine friend?

Some of the major problems that are associated with Bichon Frise temperament are separation anxiety and fear aggression. All Bichon Frise owners should know the symptoms associated with these problems and also learn how to deal with or avoid them.

Fear Aggression

This problem is part of a larger complex of the Bichon Frise breed of dogs that is also known as the small dog syndrome. Since the Bichon Frise knows that they are small dogs, they are often threatened and overreact to make up for their tiny physique. They display their aggressive temperament by growling, barking or by simply biting their subjects. All these are signs that are intended to cover for this feeling of inadequacy.

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Dealing with Aggressive Bichon Frise Temperament

As a Bichon Frise owner you should never entertain any aggressiveness. Train and raise your dog with much love and attention but show him that you are the leader of the pack. To do this you need to be strong and assertive.

To deal with the fear aggression in your Bichon, you need to be consistent in your training. The training should be conducted with some assertiveness, without being mean to the dog. Simply establish the rules that should govern the expected behavior.

You then need to demand that your pet abides by these rules at all times. You can scold but not yell when the dog behaves badly and give lavish praise when it behaves accordingly. This practice will not only give proper training to the dog but will also help develop a superb Bichon Frise temperaments overtime.

Separation Anxiety

Bichon frise temperament

Even though the Bichon Frise temperaments are mostly positive – playful and sensitive the dog can suffer separation anxiety. The first thing that you can do to deal with seperation anxiety is to spend ample time with your dog.  Bichon Frises are social animals that demand lots of attention from their owners.

If you are a person who travels a lot this is not the right breed for you. If you leave your Bichon Frise alone for long periods of time, it will be at risk of developing separation anxiety and could eventually result in depressed dog.

Bichon Frises can only make a good pet for those people who spend time at home. If you are a highly active person, this is not the right breed for you, unless of course you can take your dog along when you are out. If you can afford to give your Bichon the time it needs then, then you are sure of getting an affectionate, happy and gentle dog that you will be proud to call your very own.

Playful Bichon Frise Temperament

The other very noticeable Bichon Frise temperament is their playful and easygoing nature. Due to their playful nature they will always look for something to do in the house. They also pick new tricks very fast. This makes it win the hearts of its owners with ease. It also makes it easy for the dog to integrate with children. The dogs are also known to possess stable attitudes and friendly behaviors.

Another very admirable Bichon Frise temperament is that they have incredible watchdog abilities and agility. These dogs are known to be very attentive and alert to their environments.

Bichon Frise Health Issues

If you are convinced that this is the doggie that you want, you need to learn something about their health concerns. These concerns include skin and ear conditions, cataracts, prone to watery eyes, epilepsy and dislocation of their kneecaps. All these conditions can be attended to by a professional vet, so don’t be alarmed.

Overall the Bichon Frise temperament is good and this cotton ball dog makes a great pet. Most negative Bichon Frise temperament will be human induced, that’s why proper training is so important if you are to reap the benefits of this excellent dog.

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