The miniature golden retriever isn’t an actual breed

One of the most interesting looking canines in the dog world has to be the Miniature Golden Retriever. These mini versions are about half the size of their much larger cousin. Many who have seen these dogs in person probably wonder how these dogs got to the size they are. The truth is the Miniature Golden Retriever isn&rsquo-t a breed at all. In fact it&rsquo-s a mixture of three different dogs. While their looks may fool you the truth lies in their DNA. This hybrid dog is a cross between a Poodle, Golden Retriever and a Coker Spaniel. Some breeders won&rsquo-t tell you that these dogs cannot actually be classified as a pure breed dog and doesn&rsquo-t have a standard name.

So what is This Hybrid Dog Like?

A very popular mixed breed, these dogs do resemble their larger cousin a lot. They have long coats that are often brown or creamed colored and their heads are long and somewhat pointed. A medium to small dog they generally will not get over 50 pounds and some will only weigh 25 pounds. They stand around 20 inches tall and are very attractive animals. One of the best things about these dogs is the fact that they are hypoallergenic because of their long hair. They almost never shed so you won&rsquo-t find patches of hair all over you couch like you would with some other dog breeds. But you will have to brush their hair from time to time. This will help keep their coats looking shinny and will keep them tangle free. A bi-monthly trip to the groomers is also a good idea and will help your pet to look its best.

What about Temperament? Are These Dogs Friendly?

While most dogs do have a friendly nature, these seem to be extra joyful. Maybe it&rsquo-s because of their genetics but this pooch is really people oriented. Great around kids, this dog would make a wonderful addition to anyone&rsquo-s home. You just won&rsquo-t find a more loyal dog and they are loaded with energy making them great companions for your little one. A day in the park is this dog&rsquo-s idea of a great time. So if you get one make sure you have the time to take up with it and give it lots of love. Taking them on daily walks will allow them to let their energy out and they will love you for it.

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