What to expect from a portugese water dog

It&rsquo-s the same age as me, as far as being officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, and that&rsquo-s what makes me think that the Portuguese water dog is just a bit cooler than it already is. Recognized in 1983, this is a dog that many people don&rsquo-t know even exists. Don&rsquo-t get me wrong- people recognize the dog when they see it, but they are usually unaware of its name. You don&rsquo-t, after all, often hear people talk about their awesome Portuguese water dog so much as you hear about their Labrador or their hybrid designer breed. This is a dog that is very active and is not for the faint of heart. It&rsquo-s not designed for the kind of life that keeps it indoors or on the couch. It&rsquo-s not a lap dog, and it&rsquo-s not the breed that is happy to stay home and enjoy life on the couch or indoors cuddling with its owner. It wants activity and it wants something to do. The dog is not a big one, but it is bigger than a small dog and it has so much more energy than a dog this size looks like it might have.

According to the AKC, this is the 52nd most popular dog, which is a little bit surprising given the number of people who have not heard of these breed. If you are interested in this beautiful breed and you want to bring it into your active and fun life, you should do just that. Just remember that it&rsquo-s only a good idea to get a dog if you are fully committed to caring for it the rest of its life and you are fully committed to ensuring that you are a good owner who trains your dog, cares for your dog and provides a great deal of affection to your dog. And if this is the breed that interests you, you should know what to expect once you get the dog home from the kennel or breeder.

Nutrition is Important

One of the things you have to know about this particular breed, according to the AKC, is that feeding this breed a very particular diet is important. While it&rsquo-s not technically any different than any other breed in the world, it is a dog that does require a healthy diet and good nutrition. Do not overfeed this dog, underfeed this dog or provide the dog with a diet that does not provide it with all the essential nutrients required for a long and healthy life. This dog needs a healthy diet to continue living as a healthy breed, and that&rsquo-s what&rsquo-s going to make it the best possible dog for you.

On that note, this is a breed that does not have a great deal of breed-specific health issues you need to consider. It&rsquo-s a healthy dog that has a lot of good things to offer your family, including a relatively healthy life. This does not mean your dog will not develop health issues as it grows older. Any dog is prone to developing health issues, but it is not overly likely to develop anything from its heritage.

This Dog Loves to Swim

This is going to make a great dog for someone with a pool or someone who lives on the water. The Portuguese water dog is named this way because it loves water. It wants to exercise frequently, and one of the best ways to provide this dog with the exercise that it needs is to put it in the water and let it go to town. Your dog is going to love to swim and it&rsquo-s good at swimming. This means you can take this dog on the boat, on vacation or let it out on a regular basis and not worry that it will end up in the water unable to care for itself. In fact, it&rsquo-s recommended you allow your dog to spend a good deal of time in the water as often as you possibly can. It&rsquo-s in the dog&rsquo-s blood to spend time swimming.


The good news about this particular breed is that it&rsquo-s coat is hypoallergenic. However, it needs frequent brushing and grooming. You will want to find a groomer you like and respect because your dog is going to need to spend some time there every few weeks for cuts and trims and &lsquo-hair&rsquo- fixing. The dog is not particularly high-maintenance, but it does have a very special coat that does require some serious attention. This means you have to do what you have to do to make sure your dog is cared for and taken care of, and getting a groomer you like is going to make this so much easier on you.

It&rsquo-s Good for Kids

This is a breed that does well with kids. But like any other breed of dog, you should never allow children and dogs to be together unattended. This is not something that is breed-specific, but rather dog specific. Dogs and kids do not need to spend time together without adult interaction, particularly if your kids are very small. Dogs know that they should not harm children, but it&rsquo-s a risk you never want to take. It&rsquo-s been known to happen in the past where a child accidently hurts or scares a dog and the dog defends itself before it has time to think and kids end up getting hurt. It&rsquo-s true that you don&rsquo-t see a lot of Portuguese water dogs on the news for harming children, but you don&rsquo-t want to be the first, do you?

Time is of the Essence

The most important thing to remember about this breed is that it is a very affectionate dog. It&rsquo-s a breed that loves its family and wants to spend time with you. Make sure you have the kind of time to devote to your dog so that you can play, exercise and just relax together. Dogs need this kind of attention to keep them happy and well-adjusted, and you owe it to your dog to be this kind of dog owner.

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