One cat’s junk is another cat’s treasure — donate to a shelter!

I have a challenge for all of you: This holiday season, look around your house. Are there cat toys that have hardly ever been used, and you know your cat won’t ever play with again?

How about cat beds? Do you have any in good shape that your kitty just decided he didn’t like anymore, or never liked in the first place? How about towels in your own closet? Any that are old or overflowing from their shelves?

I challenge everyone to round up these items and make a little holiday donation to your local cat shelter. The kitties here need plenty of towels every day, and some of them aren’t lucky enough to have their own toys or beds. What your cat isn’t using, and what’s just taking up space in your home, could make a shelter kitty’s holiday a little more fun, cozy, and special.

Only have a few things you don’t need? Don’t underestimate the difference even one toy can make for one cat! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited my local Pet Supermarket and seen the few kitties there in the cages waiting to be adopted — with no toys to play with. Every single time, I add a few extra toys to my basket and give them to the kitties on the way out. The change in their mood is instant! You can do this for shelter kitties with what already have in your house.

So this holiday, do something to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and make a warm and fuzzy kitty happy! The cats and the people working with them with surely appreciate it!

Happy holidays!

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