Guiness names the world’s smallest dog

We just had to share this video with you guys. After all it only happens once a year and when a world record relating to dogs is announced, we&rsquo-d like you guys to know about it. Recently Guinness named the world&rsquo-s smallest dog. Her names is Millie the Miracle dog. These stats are somewhat unbelievable. She&rsquo-s shorter than a soup can and weighs about a pound. When she was born she was less than an ounce and could fit into a teaspoon!

On the flip side Guinness also announced the world&rsquo-s largest cat. Hercules (real name) weighs in at over 900 lbs and is over 4 feet tall. To put that into perspective, that&rsquo-s 100 times more than your average house cat. Currently Hercules on a Wild Life Preserve in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where he&rsquo-s well cared for. Something tells us that Hercules wouldn&rsquo-t be too scared of little Millie the chihuahua.

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