Rottweiler has too much fun on a trampoline

When my father-in-law told me he&rsquo-d purchased a trampoline for our kids for Christmas, I was a bit unsure of that. They&rsquo-re dangerous, I&rsquo-m a mom (who, by the way, grew up on one every day of my life long before they had things like nets and walls), and it&rsquo-s my job to worry. However, my husband said that with the way the walls are attached to them now, it&rsquo-s fine. Let me just tell you that the trampoline has been the best thing that ever happened in our home. Our two older girls are outside from the moment they get home from school until it&rsquo-s time to eat, bathe and go to bed. When it&rsquo-s weekend and we are actually home, they&rsquo-re on it nonstop. We don&rsquo-t see them anymore.

Even our twins love it, and they want to spend as much time as they can on it. it&rsquo-s been amazing. That&rsquo-s why this Rottweiler doesn&rsquo-t surprise me. He&rsquo-s in love with his trampoline, and for good reason. Now, his doesn&rsquo-t have the safety net I think they should all come with and have attached, but this dog loves that trampoline and it&rsquo-s so understandable. It&rsquo-s activity, it gets your heartrate pumping and it&rsquo-s just plain fun. He&rsquo-s loving it, as you can see in the video. I&rsquo-ve never seen a dog have this much fun before – have you? Just take a look at the video to see this dog jump away on the trampoline- I promise you will laugh.

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