What dog toys are best?

Dog with Christmas Gifts

Eventually we will be unwrapping gifts under the tree, with our dogs by our side. Of course, we can&rsquo-t forget our &ldquo-other kids&rdquo- (our dogs) on Christmas–so what to buy? Walking into a pet store and trying to pick out the perfect dog toy can be a confusing because there are so many to choose from- ropes, rubber toys, balls, stuffed animals. Gah! If only our fur babies could just tell us what they would like! Here are some great doggie toys that may help you stuff your doggie stocking with ease.


Fetch – Christmas may be in Winter, but before you know it you and your pup will be playing fetch again. It is recommended that your dog not be left unsupervised with these toys. Again, these are for you and your pup.

  • Frisbees: This is a classic fetch toy for dogs. If you decide to buy a frisbee for your dog, avoid the hard plastic frisbees. Your dog&rsquo-s teeth need to be protected from the typical frisbee material. Look for the frisbees with a rubber-like texture.
  • Tennis Balls: Tennis balls are great for fetch and will certainty provide plenty of exercise for your dog. Tennis balls should NOT be chewed. Reminder, tennis balls are not chew toys. Have a &ldquo-ball&rdquo- with your pooch in your backyard or the local park. I personally do not take my hound dog&rsquo-s tennis ball to the dog park- too many dogs, too many germs. Of course this is your decision, but your dog&rsquo-s tennis ball should be limited to the number of &ldquo-friends&rdquo- playing with it.
Dog Tug

Bonding – Inviting your dog to play always builds a bond between the both of you. Your pup gets used to &ldquo-playtime&rdquo- with you from the moment they see you walking through.

  • &ldquo-Tug&rdquo- Toys – Many pet stores have many varieties of tug toys- food-dispensing tugs, rubber tugs, and furry tugs! Playing &ldquo-tug o&rsquo- war with your dog is an absolute bonding experience for your dog. The challenge of winning the tug, looking in to your eyes, being playful and finally giving in gives your pup a sense of love and friendship.
dog eating rawhide

Chew Time – Although we may consider them toys, dogs consider them treats. You probably don&rsquo-t see your dog go as crazy when you pull out their frisbee – compared to pulling out a rawhide, right? Always remember, chew toy time should always be supervised. Though most companies make these chew toys &ldquo-dog-safe&rdquo-, being in your dog&rsquo-s company when they are gnawing at their favorite &ldquo-chewy&rdquo- is your best bet.

  • Rawhides: The best rawhides, are &ldquo-pressed&rdquo- rawhides. If the packaging does not specifically label &ldquo-pressed&rdquo- on the product, ask a pet store associate for assistance. Also, remember–MADE IN THE U.S.A. when it comes to rawhides for your dog.
  • Nylabones – Nylabones are made in the U.S.A. and have a bone-hard texture that wears down slowly. Nylabones will not break or splinter. Excellent for the determined chewer with a medium to hard bite.
Be safe in your travels while Christmas shopping. Always remember: The only thing our dogs really want from us on Christmas (and every day) is L–O–V–E.
dog wearing reindeer antlers
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