French bulldog temperament – do you know what to expect?

French Bulldog TemperamentThe French bulldog is a great choice for anyone looking for an adorable and intelligent

dog. To deal with the French Bulldog temperament, you must first learn something about its character and personality. This will also help you determine whether this is the right breed for you.

This breed can either be small or medium sized, and generally they have a dwarf mastiff appearance. The French Bulldog is often described as a tough and compact breed which has made it a popular breed with many families.

Certain French Bulldogs are aggressive, some are sweet,  while others have an amusing personality and love to clown around.  They are also  affectionate and energetic, and are known to form a close bond with other family members.

Because of their temperament and the fact that most of their time is spent close to their owners, they can be very faithful watchdogs.

Check out these two French Bulldogs going at each other.

Show Strong Leadership

The French bulldog is an independent thinker and possesses a stubborn nature. You should therefore, never tolerate or reward unwanted behaviors. It is vital that you show the dog good leadership and always be in control in case of any bad behavior.

When training your French Bulldog, you should use a firm and strong voice to show him that you are the boss. However, never scream or yell at the him because it will only make matters worse.

Reward Good Behavior

The other tip that you should adapt when dealing with French bulldog temperament, is to decide on a few praise words for good behaviors and some release words to signal the end of a training session. Each training session should not take more than a few minutes because the French bulldog’s has a short concentration span.

However, you should be patient and understanding with your dog  if you are to get the best out of him. It is a perfectly fine practice to carry some goodies around to reward your Frenchie for good behavior.

Nip Aggression in the bud

Always look out for signs of aggression such as snapping, growling or snarling. Your French Bulldog can show these signs when they are trying to obtain dominance over everyone. To deal with this, show your dog that you are the boss and should be respected as such. You should let your dog know that they will never get away with any signs of aggression. Click here to learn how to deal with dog aggression.

Stop Excessive Barking

French bulldog temperamentAn aggressive French Bulldog temperament can manifest itself through excessive barking, but there can be other reasons for barking.

In case your French Bulldog develops this irritating behavior, you should stop it before it goes out of control. However, you should first identify the cause of the excessive barking because sometimes it is for a good cause.

Your French bulldog can bark excessively when there are intruders, danger, when it is hungry, stressed, afraid, angry, cold, hot, bored, lonely, want attention, isolated, excited or even when it wants to assert its dominance.

Try to understand each situation and how to deal with it. If you cannot handle your French Bulldog’s temperament on your own, there’s a lot of good trainers and training resources that can help you.

Health Concerns

Sometimes abnormal behavior can signal the onset of health problems in your French Bulldog. In such cases knowing your dog’s temperament well can quickly alert you to a potential serious problem.

  1. Hot and Humid Weather –  this can cause heatstroke to the French bulldogs because they cannot pant vigorously to keep themselves cool. It is therefore advisable that you house your French Bulldog in a cool environments or air conditioned rooms because of the dog’s intolerance to heat.
  2. Respiratory Problems – Due to the health problems associated with their short face, you should keep your French Bulldog from freshly cut grass, smoke, allergenic pollen and chemical cleaning products in order to protect them from respiratory problems.
  3. Proper Breathing – Avoid dog collars which are known to apply pressure on the dog’s windpipe. This makes it difficult for the dog to breathe.
  4. General Good Hygiene – Wash the folds of your French bulldog’s skin after every meal. French bulldogs with white coat require more cleaning than their counterparts with dark skin.

French bulldogs are known to be easygoing and also have an amiable nature and temperament. They make a very pleasant companion for both children and the elderly. Devoting time to learning about your French bulldog temperament can be one of the best things you can do to build a better relationship between you and your lovable French Bulldog.

Remember each individual dog French Bulldog has its own unique temperament, this article is only a general guide for the breed itself. If however you are considering adopting a dog you can read “5 Tips For Conducting A Dog Temperament Test Before You Adopt From Shelter” to get a more accurate picture of the temperament.

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