10 Gifts for the cat lover who has everything

The holidays are right around the corner, and so we begin the search for those perfect gifts for our loved ones. Sometimes it’s difficult to think creatively when there are so many friends and family to consider -ÔÇô it can feel overwhelming! And we secretly hope we will receive thoughtful gifts as well, don’t we? But mindful gift-giving doesn’t mean we have to empty the kitty to touch someone’s heart.

Here are ten ideas for unique gifts for the cat lover in your life who has everything. And if you are that cat lover, you may want to "accidentally" leave this page open on your computer, or perhaps follow Ralphie from A Christmas Story‘s lead and start dropping Red Ryder-style hints to your closest admirers.

1. Sponsor a cheetah

The Cheetah Conservation Fund offers year-round opportunities to sponsor a resident orphaned, injured, or older cheetah who cannot be released back into the wild.

Baby" cheetahs by Shutterstock" /">

Sponsorship in any amount includes a certificate, a photo of the cheetah, and depending on the level of sponsorship, other thank-you perks. Oh, you’ll want to take a photo of your loved one’s face when you announce, "Look! I got you a cheetah!"

2. Real Men Love Cats T-Shirt

Hey, it’s OK for men to come out with their love of cats. In fact, we women find it downright irresistible! Let your feline freak flag fly and scoop up the men’s or women’s version of the RC Tees shirt for the cool cats on your holiday gift list.

Check their Etsy site for a variety of styles and prices. If it’s good enough for Jackson Galaxy, it’s good enough for us!

3. Personalized cellphone skins and covers

Unique Skins offers users the opportunity to design their own cell phone covers and skins for all brands and styles of phones. Upload a picture of your friend’s cat and create an inexpensive, custom gift!

I created an iPhone skin with my Cosmo’s photo and now I’ll have unlimited minutes with him.

4. Sparkle’s 2013 Cat Rules for Humans calendar

Sparkle, the sassy Somali from the award-winning blog Sparkle the Designer Cat, is graciously allowing us to purchase her annual calendar.

It’s packed with fabulous photos of the whiskered diva, along with specific rules we must follow when sharing a home with cats. Sparkle warns, "Don’t let your human be a rule-breaker." This is a must for your rebel, rule-breaking, cat-loving friends who need feline guidance — and need to keep track of doctor appointments.

5. Personalized cat journal

"Dear diary, I’m so happy my thoughtful friend gave me you as a gift. Every time I see my precious Snowball’s face on the cover, I want to snatch you up and write beautiful poetry about my cuddly kitty ÔǪ and also angry stream-of-consciousness rants about that two-timing Charlie!"

Yes, you can make that gift a reality by picking and clicking a personalized journal from Steven James Keathley’s Etsy site.

6. Pusheen the Cat jewelry

Who’s cuter than comic kitty Pusheen? When she’s not busy napping on a marshmallow or eating donuts, she’s modeling for fun, inexpensive jewelry! Who knew?

Pusheen rings, necklaces, pins, and earrings are definite awww-inspiring presents. And wouldn’t this cute Teacup Pusheen Ring be a sweet little stocking stuffer? Oh, Santa!

7. The Oatmeal’s How to Tell if Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

Our hilarious friends at the Oatmeal are at it again with their new book.

When you give this book, your favorite people will finally be armed with important illustrated information about cats, like how to tell if your cat thinks he’s a mountain lion, how to tell whether your cat is a raging homosexual, and (as the title promises) how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.

8. Cat Vs. Human totes

Why make your friend carry a plain tote when she can haul her books and snacks in a hissing-cat eco-friendly one? Go ahead, skedaddle on over and snap one up from the popular Cat Vs. Human blog’s online store!

9. Cat butts for everyone!

Think your cat-loving friend has everything? Have you seen cat butt magnets adorning her refrigerator or her pencils neatly tucked away inside a cat butt pencil case? Has she offered to buy you a gumball and reached inside a cat butt coin purse for change?

Then no, she doesn’t have everything. You can change right now with a single click.

10. Easy Canvas Prints

Cats love to stretch, but how many are on stretched canvas? Won’t your closest companions go crazy for a gift of their favorite kitty’s photo on a canvas wall-hanging? Easy Canvas Prints always seems to offer great deals, so this artsy present can be surprisingly affordable. And we could all use another cat hanging around, right? Look at my 11-by-14-inch Easy Canvas print of Phoebe hanging on my green dining room wall — it was simple to design and arrived within days of ordering.

So start shopping early and give fun and meaningful gifts to those favorite cat ladies (or cat gentlemen) in your life. I hope my suggestions helped you check a few people off your holiday shopping list — or at least offered ideas for your own wish list! (Note to my husband: I promise to act surprised if I happen to receive a Pusheen Marshmallow Nap necklace. Just sayin’.)

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