10 Cat-themed valentine’s gifts for the whole family

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Valentine’s Day! Who says you have to give the same old card and candy? Don’t get me wrong, cards and candy are always welcome, but why not mix it up a bit and include a little extra somethin’-somethin’? And not just for your beloved spouse or partner, but for everyone in your family? I’ve always given my kids a box of candy or fun socks for Valentine’s Day. I just think of it as a day of love — love for anyone!

I found 10 cat-themed gifts that’d be fun additions to the traditional card and candy (and don’t forget the candy … really, don’t).

1. I Knead You T-shirt ($20)

When I saw this T-shirt on Etsy, I really did LOL. I’m not one of those people who throw around the old LOL, but I’m not lying. I didn’t ROTFL, but I did LOL. The shirt is handmade, made to order, and comes in a variety of colors. TBH I’d like one of each.

2. Paw Print Heart Sterling Earrings ($22)

These cute little paw print heart earrings come from The Animal Rescue Site, which is one of my favorite online shopping spots. Sure, they sell all kinds of adorable animal-themed merchandise, all purchases help feed shelter pets. In fact, when you purchase these earrings (because you would anyway), you also give 28 bowls of food to a shelter — that’s a lot of full bellies!

3. Spitfire Girl Bag O’Cats ($10)

I couldn’t resist including this little bag of six vintage-inspired toy cats from Urban Outfitters. First of all … cute! But can’t you see attaching it to a box of candy with a pretty bow? Cat lovers of any age want a bag o’cats. And candy.

4. Bow Wow Meow Bow Tie ($14.95)

I saw this little number on eBay, where you can find just about anything — not Craigslist anything, but there’s a lot of stuff on eBay. I kind of fell in love with this paw print bow tie. It’s cute without being overly obnoxious, you know? Plus, bow ties are fancy — back me up, Cat Dandy.

5. Hello Kitty Silver-Plated Heart Pendant Set ($29.99)

It’s not one Hello Kitty necklace, it’s two! That’s right, our pals at Target were thinking when they decided to sell this set. What a sweet gift for two kids or a mom and child. That’s right — I’d totally rock one of these necklaces. Please note: This set is only available online.

6. Two Paw Print in Heart T-Shirt ($22.50)

This simple design from Spreadshirt is available in a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie. It’s masculine, yet says, “I love my cat … or dog … and the outstanding person who bought this for me.” Over Christmas, I bought a hoodie from this company for my son, and found it to be a quality product at a reasonable price. I’m all about quality and a reasonable amount of reason.

7. “I Slow Blink You So Much” Mug ($19.99)

Wahhhhh! I love this mug so much! Inspired by “slow blink means I love you,” this Etsy mug is extra sweet. If my husband gave me this mug, I just might melt a little bit. I just hope I’d put my chocolates down first.

8. Trail’s Paw Sport Socks ($9.99)

You can’t go wrong with socks — you just simply can’t. Who doesn’t like socks? These come from Absolute Sport Socks, and are available in a couple of colors, but it’s Valentine’s Day, so of course you’ll choose red!

9. Kitty Lineup Insulated Travel Cup ($12.95)

Another goody from The Animal Rescue site, this travel cup is cute and suitable for just about any age. I especially enjoy the Brady Bunch vibe.

10. Schmalentine Cat T-Shirt ($16.40)

And Hot Topic comes through with the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day shirt. The snaggletooth cat slays me, and the “Valentine Schmalentine” double slays me. I’m twice slain by this shirt. We usually know someone who can’t wait for all the mushiness to be over, and this is the perfect gift for them.

What do you think of these gifts? Do you have ideas for cat-themed Valentine’s Day gifts? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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