A family gives a dying homeless boston terrier the best days of his life

A Boston Terrier named Butch never knew what it was like to be loved or have a life with care....until now. Life has always been rough for Butch. Since being abandoned by his owners in Alabama, Butch has been living on the street for the past 2 years surviving on eating garbage and barely making it through the tough winters. Right around Thanksgiving, a family spotted Butch which would change his life.

Alicia Buzbee and her daughter, Kansas Humphrey, found Butch and rushed him to the vet, who unfortunately shared the bad news: Butch had a swollen heart, limited lung capacity, and a leaky trachea. For his sake, a humane euthanasia was the right thing to do. Buzbee and Humphrey agreed, but not before asking to delay the euthanasia so Butch could experience joy in his final days.

During those couple of days, Butch was introduced to Santa, had a giant party thrown for him at a local park and ate more cheeseburgers and pumpkin pie than he could handle. During this time, Butch had the time of his life. He breathed easier, and even moved with more life. &ldquo-The heart can do so many things when it gets what it needs,&rdquo- Buzbee told

However, after Thanksgiving Butch&rsquo-s health took a turn for the worse and on Saturday, with his new family by his side, he died. While Butch&rsquo-s ending isn&rsquo-t the happiest, we thankful that at least one family gave him the love and support he deserved, if only for a short while. Thank you Alicia and Kansas. Butch will be missed.

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